DID you know that Sept 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? In honour of Johnny Depp (the star of Pirates of the Caribbean) and ITLAP Day, let's take a light-hearted look at why you should forgo traditional entrepreneurial role models for the mighty pirate!

The English word "pirate" is derived ultimately from the Greek word peira meaning "attempt, experience", or more implicitly, "to find luck on the sea".

Let's see how much you can improve your entrepreneurial experience and find some luck in the sea of business opportunities!

1. Get a parrot on your shoulder

The parrot on your shoulder can represent two things:

* Your conscience. Every entrepreneur has moments in time where the easier option does not always represent the right option. Remember the parrot on your shoulder is there to guide you

* Your mentor. This is the voice of guidance from someone who's been there and done it. Get the right parrot (or mentor) and you'll skyrocket to greater heights.

2. The eye patch

An entrepreneur needs to have selective vision. They need to be able to block out distractions and zone in on opportunities. Develop your own figurative eye patch by honing in on what you want to focus on - and making the rest walk the plank.

3. The funky pirate wear

An entrepreneur stands out from the crowd. Whether it is John McGrath, Sydney real estate agent extraordinaire pioneering the "no tie" business look or Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, wearing jeans and a T-shirt to give a keynote address to 10,000 people, entrepreneurs do not feel the need to conform to outdated business standards.

Most wildly successful entrepreneurs do not conform in their businesses. They are edgy and they try new things in their work, which quite often spills over into their outerwear and can make them easy to identify.

4. Any weather - any time

A pirate's ship and crew carry them through the roughest storms making them mobile, flexible and able to deal with a multitude of circumstances - just like the ultimate entrepreneur.

5. Live and die by the team

No pirate ever managed to crew an entire ship on his own and no successful entrepreneur ever got there without his own crew of motivated, engaged, talented individuals. In the boardroom as on the ocean - the undeserving leader will face a mutiny.

6. The bicorne hat

The entrepreneur needs to be a master of wearing many hats - even if they look as ridiculous as the Napoleon-esque bicorne hat! As an entrepreneur, you will need to be motivator, innovator, initial implementer and so much more.

7. The peg leg

The pirate manages to swashbuckle all over the world on slippery decks, in rising oceans and with a peg leg no less!

As entrepreneurs, we all have our own disabilities. Perhaps you don't have a formal education, perhaps you were poor growing up, perhaps your technology skills aren't up to scratch. Be like a pirate and get over it! Whatever your peg leg is, compensate for it and move on!

8. The hook

If there's one thing associated with pirates, it is a hook. As an entrepreneur, you will need a hook to get people on board with your idea, investors or the bank interested in it, and your customers frothing at the mouth for your product or service.

9. The treasure chest

Pirates are single-minded in their search for treasure. They know what their treasure is and they have a map to get there.

What is treasure for you? Is it seeing your product in the market or is it having a crew who love coming to work each day? Know your treasure chest - your goal - and then set about developing a map for how to get there.

10. No introduction needed

Pirates don't need to define themselves as pirates. You look at them, and you know it. Their crew knows it. They know it. Same thing goes for an entrepreneur.

Like the pirate's passion for the sea, the passion for entrepreneurship is in your blood. Your heart rate rises at the thought of a new business idea, your brain races and you can't wait to hoist your colours up the flag pole and set sail on a new adventure.

And for some fun - try out this online English to Pirate translator: www.talklikeapirateday.com/translate/index