By turning to social media for job search, job seekers are now more interconnected and informed than ever. Today, we have more chances of finding our dream job compared to ten years ago when we traditionally applied for jobs through word of mouth or job advertisements in newspapers.  The proliferation of technology has provided us with indefinite options and opportunities, but are we keeping up with employment trends and utilising job-seeking tools?

Social networking sites are fast springing up and those that can be utilised for employment opportunities include LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn, a professional networking site for professionals across the world, lets you upload your photo, academic and professional credentials, skills and even testimonials from former colleagues. This helps you build a succinct electronic profile and resume for employers who are progressively using social media to recruit. The networking site also allows you to network with friends and build connections to people within or related to your industry. The more connections you have, the better your chances are of boosting your profile and finding a job. Request for good recommendations from your professional and personal connections. Their recommendations can definitely beef up your profile and add credibility.

Just as we turn to social media to hunt for jobs, employers are also actively searching online for potential candidates. This trend is only going to grow as companies extensively use job portals like, own company websites or social media platforms, in search of competent candidates. Some of us may be unaware but companies do screen candidates by checking their online presence in addition to the resumes and cover letters the candidates submitted. This gives the companies insights into one’s personality, social abilities and interests, which can work either to his advantage or disadvantage. It all depends on the content you make public. Thus, you might want to consider tidying up your social media profiles and display only appropriate content. Steer away from revealing too much that can affect your chances of landing your ideal job.

Now you understand the influence of social media even in job searches! Just keep in mind that while an appealing resume (both print and electronic!) can score you an interview, it is a good interview that can score you your dream job. Good luck!