MS SERENE Ho, 32, works as lead reserve, or supervisor at Delta Air Lines' call centre.

She has completed the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Certificate in Tour and Travel Services and is now undergoing a second course in leadership skills.

"It's very useful. We're so busy day to day but this course pulls us out of that routine and reminds us of the things that are most important," she said.

Among other things, the certification programme taught her skills such as how to sell products and services effectively and how best to interact with customers.

As a result, she said, she has become more focused when talking to customers.

"We learn to spot certain things customers say, which then alerts us about how to react and handle the situation," she said.

"I've become more conscious about the way I speak and react. Sometimes what the customer really needs is just some empathy," she added.

This has ultimately made her more efficient at handling calls. Before the certification programme, she spent an average of 10 minutes per call.

She now takes an average of about six minutes to complete each call.

As lead reserve, Ms Ho supervises a team of customer service representatives at the call centre.

The leadership programme she is now undergoing has helped her communicate better with her team, she said.

Interacting with other lead reserves during the course has also benefited her.

"Because our teams work in shifts around the clock, I don't actually get to see what all my team members are doing all the time. So when I meet with the other leads, they give me feedback about my team," she said.