During the seminar “Be An Outstanding Sales Professional” organised by STJobs on 13 September, a panel of 4 experts – namely Niels Kemp, Felix Tan, Julian Cheong and Laurenz Koehler - came together to speak to participants on various topics that influenced and molded relationships in conducting sales transactions successfully.

Citing a quote by Anglo-American industrialist J. Paul Getty, Felix agreed that one should always leave some money for the other party in a business deal to make as well.

He reminded participants, “You have to leave something on the table for the other party. Otherwise, what is the point of a negotiation?”

Despite facing a huge challenge to persuade, negotiate and meet quarterly sales target, sales professionals should establish themselves as better individuals during this process.

“A salesperson’s professional skill set is transferable across industries and worth learning. Do not take shortcuts and keep learning despite the ups and downs,” advised Julian, Senior Consultant of Training Edge International.

The speakers emphasised that good approach and attitude were essential for effective sales transactions and in the long run, a fulfilling career for any sales professional of any industry.

Miss Joanna Lee, Assistant Director (Travel Trade) of Nirwana Gardens said, “The sharing of past sales experiences by both speakers and fellow participants were inspirational and informative, and is definitely something to take away from.”

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