MR BENJAMIN Tay, 29, enjoys his job as a senior manufacturing biotechnologist in Roche Singapore Technical Operations at Tuas Bay Link.

There is casual intensity in his working environment and his team-mates are highly skilled and dynamic individuals.

We work hard and play hard together,” Mr Tay says. “We brainstorm to solicit ideas and share and exchange learning experiences.

“The company’s culture makes it fun for me to come to work every day.”

His management team and colleagues are very open and approachable. “We can approach them whenever we encounter problems at work,” says Mr Tay.

“The company organises regular get-together sessions to help us unwind and socialise. This provides opportunities for us to build relationships outside our departments,” he adds.

Working with a team of experienced professionals from different countries is the most exciting part of Mr Tay’s job.

“It is an eye opener to be exposed to people from so many different countries and learn from their experiences,” he says.

Mr Tay is a National University of Singapore chemical engineering graduate with a keen interest in biology.

After graduation, he took part in the Economic Development Board’s training attachment programme to gain experience in the biotechnology industry.

In February 2008, he joined Roche Singapore Technical Operations, a producer of drugs that treat various types of cancer and age-related macular degeneration diseases.

Mr Tay has to ensure that the company’s products meet the safety and other guidelines on good manufacturing practices.

His tasks include monitoring and operating biochemical processing equipment, preparing solutions, cleaning and sterilising equipment.

“I also have to perform trouble-shooting tasks, resolve issues and make decisions in areas that I have not encountered before.”

Additionally, he has to prioritise and assign work to meet production schedules.

Mr Tay says: “I believe the patients who need our products are reaping the most benefits from the work we are doing here.

“By ensuring that the products we produce meet the highest safety and manufacturing standards, patients will get quality medicines that address their needs.”

He has the satisfaction of knowing that he can make a difference in the lives of the people who use the company’s products.

“I believe that I play a key role to make sure that the products we produce are able to help these patients,” he says.

“One key challenge I face now is in co-ordinating various activities that happen concurrently on the production floor to ensure that we meet our production deadlines.”

A group of specialists in Roche Singapore Technical Operations helps to organise technical, professional, presentation and feedback skills training for the staff.

Mr Tay’s supervisor and manager also provide valuable advice and support in his work.

He adds: “A degree or diploma in life sciences or engineering is necessary in order to have a strong technical background to understand what you are doing.

“You also need good problem solving, interpersonal communication and team work skills to work well with your team.

“You need to be a person with strong focus on safety and quality.”