SENIOR Citibank Singapore staff have just spent a day in the service front line, working as greeters, teller counter cashiers and phone officers.

The initiative, which involved 15 employees this year, is part of the bank's strategy to improve customer service.

Citibank says the programme, now in its fifth year, helps identify what the bank is doing well and where it needs to improve.

Chief executive Han Kwee Juan noted one example where phone officers took a long time to answer customer queries because of the way product information was organised.

"We put in place a central electronic knowledge database which was a more efficient way for our officers to handle queries by customers on different products," said Mr Han.

He added that officers can now serve customers quicker and pick up more calls within the hour.

This attention to the programme brings intangible benefits as well.

Mr Han said: "It also creates a great culture of humility and staff don't see a barrier between them and senior management."

He also noted that having senior staff "walk the talk" sends a message that every staff member is responsible for improving service.

Staff are now pro-active when it comes to offering feedback on improving services.

Mr Han noted: "We understand their challenges and address those concerns.They are confident that they will be heard and changes will be made."