WHEN I started my business in 1993, I faced all the challenges experienced by most new business start-ups. I had to deal with many negative situations and people often said: "The speaking and training business is a hard market to break into. It's very competitive - you're very brave!"

And then, there was the rejection from potential customers and the people who had let me down at the last minute.

I quickly realised that if I wanted to be successful, I needed two things: brain and body energy.

Build brain energy

Imagine that you were rejected for a bank loan, or turned down by a potential customer. It is likely that you will react this way: "Oh no, not again, I'm really fed up with this. These people are a real pain. They're making a big mistake. What am I going to do now?"

Reacting in such a manner drains your brain of energy, adds to your stress levels and destroys your self-motivation.

Instead, you should say: "I'll make an appointment today with a better bank! I'll call the next potential customer on my list right now!"

There are also other minor situations that happen every day that can drain more energy from your brain. When I receive a parking ticket, I always pay the fine right away. Get rid of the negativity, forget it and move on. In any case, the fine has to be paid. Moaning and complaining about it only exhausts the brain.

Build up your brain energy by using positive self-talk. Your level of success, such as your happiness, emotional wellbeing and anything else you desire, is a direct result of how you talk to yourself. The most important relationship you'll ever have is the one with yourself.

Listen to the self-talk that goes on in your head and ask yourself: "Is what I'm saying allowing me to be confident and be on top? Or is it holding me back and stopping me from achieving my goals?" If it's the latter, stop and change the way you talk to yourself.

Think about the things you say to yourself and make every statement in the present tense. For example, do not say, "I'm going to make a success of this business", "I'm going to get organised" or "I'm going to be much more confident."

Instead, say: "I am totally in control of my life. I am totally confident and positive. I'm achieving my goals. I have determination and drive."

This way, you are re-programming your subconscious. If you talk to yourself in a positive way, that's what your subconscious will focus on and you will have plenty of brain energy

Build body energy

The body and the brain are intertwined. When the brain is drained of energy, the body does too. For your body to work well, it needs to be in good condition first. If you overeat or eat the wrong foods, smoke or drink too much alcohol, your body is in danger of breaking down.

To increase your energy levels, you have to do some exercise. But do you often feel too tired to work out? Paradoxically, the more you exercise, the more energy you will have.

Make your exercise routine enjoyable. I see some people at the health club making the whole business a real chore. They get on a bike or a rowing machine and try to kill themselves for 20 minutes. Why not plug into the sound system and listen to some music and get fit at the same time? Alternatively, you can go for a walk, but be sure to move fast enough to push the heart rate up.

Too many people go home and slump in front of the television. Successful people don't do that. They keep themselves active, mentally and physically. Looking after your mind and body will give you lots of energy to achieve your goals.