EVERYBODY does some form of selling in our daily lives. For instance, when you want your superiors to accept your proposal, are you not selling them your innovative plans through a presentation?

Or, if you want your friends to dine at a restaurant of your choice, you vigorously promote its good qualities to them. Even at home, you come face to face with a sales pitch from your children when they try to convince you to buy toys for them.

While selling is a common fact of life, closing a sale is not its automatic conclusion. If you are in a sales job, your aim is to close the gap between selling and closing. Yet, sales experts will tell you that success is not just about getting the sale.

The ultimate goal of a sales pitch is not just to get customers to buy your products so you get the commissions. Instead, it is to build and strengthen the bond between you and your clients.

If you just want to sell your products to your clients by the method of “touch and go”, you will rarely get a second opportunity to be of service to them.

If you look closely at the word “sales”, you will find the basics of not only closing a sale, but of building a successful sales career with a strong network of loyal customers.


The first letter “S” is for “smile”. It describes the expression of a sales executive who leaves a good impression in the hearts and minds of her clients.

The moment a client enters the premises of your shop, the smile you provide will increase your success rate of closing the deal by more than 50 per cent.

It is common here to see salesmen ignore walk-in customers or barely give them a glance after judging them on their appearance.

These salesmen should realise that a customer’s appearance is no indication of his spending power. If he feels disrespected by the service, he will take his business elsewhere.

They lost the opportunity to do business with him, but more importantly, they failed in their basic duty to provide good service to all customers.

Genuine smiles are infectious and are a simple way to connect to other people. Remember, you may not close the deal simply with a warm smile, but you will definitely engage your customers’ hearts.


The letter A is for “attitude”. If you do not have a good attitude, you will not have the motivation to act and that undermines any good attributes you may have.

If you do not have a positive attitude, you are unable to overcome rejections or failures. After facing several rejections, you start to doubt your abilities and then decide to give up and call it a day.

Very often, failure comes about because of a lack of perseverance. When faced with rejections from customers, you should reflect on the reasons why you are being rejected. Review your strategy and your communication techniques.

Ask yourself what you can do better the next time to close the deal.


You must first love your products before you can sell them to your customers. If you have not even tried your products to learn more their unique features or limitations, how are you going to convince customers to part with their money?

If you do not have deep knowledge about your products or services, how can you respond to your customers’ queries? If you are passionate about your products, customers who trust you are more likely to buy them.


Successful real estate agent Tom Hopkins once said: “Selling is a business of emotions.”

Usually, people buy things with their hearts, not their heads.

If you want customers to be interested in your products or services, you must first be interested in finding out their needs. Spend more time on understanding your customers’ needs, as this will help you to observe what kind of added value you can provide to them through your products or services.

When people notice that you care and that there are inherent benefits for them, your success rate of closing the deal will naturally increase.


The last letter “S” is for “success”. Selling is an art. To be successful in closing a sale, the main ingredients are the human connection, your motivation and passion for your product and understanding your customers’ needs. Besides technical knowledge, you also need to develop your own strategy for branding your products and services.

Adopt these fundamentals as a guide and you will be able to close a sale more effectively.