You have to admit that everyone sells something in one way or another in their daily lives.

Whether you consider yourself a salesman or not, sales lessons are incredibly valuable. If you are a businessman or a salesman, besides having a clear vision of your sales objectives, it is equally crucial to identify the most relevant business skills to plug any existing gaps in your sales knowledge vault.

If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to work with people and learn how to sell better. With the ability to sell comes the ability to create wealth every time — and what better way than to acquire new business wisdom through life-long learning.

Sustaining a conversation

One common question among salesmen when they engage their prospects is: “How can I ensure that I do not run out of things to say so that I can keep them interested?”

It is an unsettling feeling most salesmen have experienced in their career. You start a conversation with a prospect and it is going well but before you know it, the dialogue goes stale and the conversation grinds to a halt.

The solution is learning how to ensure that your conversation remains “energised” to keep the prospect solidly engaged.

Keeping a conversation at a high-energy level is especially crucial when you are switching sales gears from “casual” to “high-octane”. You can convert unknowing prospects into willing customers using the high-energy level conversation approach.

If you focus on developing your high-energy-level conversation skills, you can build rapport quickly, convince the prospect in one exchange and achieve the desired sales outcome.

Attract customers effortlessly

About 95 per cent of salesmen who market their business or products do not speak or write in the language their prospects want to hear.

Imagine if you could speak and write the words your prospects are actually waiting to hear, and watch their curiosity and desire grow right before your eyes. Imagine creating products only you can create, that ignite that desire to buy — again and again.

The reason that only a very small percentage of salesmen are really successful is simply because the sales system and techniques they use suit their style and personality, and that works for them.

In short, the successful salesman has learnt the art of attracting customers. If you want to sell more and work less, learn the principles of easily and effortlessly attracting customers without the conventional cold-calling, prospecting or begging for business. With this knowledge, you can finally stop chasing customers and let them come to you.

The 80/20 sales techniques

You have heard of the 80/20 rule. Twenty per cent of salesmen earn 80 per cent of the commissions, leaving the remaining 80 per cent of the salesmen to share the remainder — a meagre 20 per cent.

Unfortunately, 80 per cent of salesmen will never fully succeed in sales or they will just get by, and bounce from job to job. They either do not know how to succeed in sales or they are not doing anything to increase sales.

Their pipelines are often packed with prospects who will never buy from them yet they do little to improve their sales prospecting skills.

The only way to succeed in sales is to get the skills required for success. Failure to do so will place you on the wrong side of the 80/20 rule.