HAIRDRESSING students at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College Central in Ang Mo Kio will get to use an in-house hair salon when the school opens next year.

The tertiary institution and Jean Yip hair and beauty salon group will jointly operate the salon with the signing of a three-year partnership last Thursday.

Students from the Nitec in hair fashion and design course will also be coached by a full-time professional hairstylist from Jean Yip in an authentic salon environment.

Named Gorgeous@Epitome, the hair salon is located in an atrium space for student-run shops that are open to the public.

"With the set-up of this training salon, we hope to improve the confidence and skills of our students, and to enhance the development of young talents for the industry," said the principal of ITE College East, Mr Eden Liew.

Other partners joining Epitome include those from the opticianry, floristry, culinary and gaming industries that reflect the courses on offer at ITE.

The new 10.6 ha ITE College Central campus, which costs $380 million to build, offers 53 courses and can cater to 10,400 students.

The ITE-Jean Yip partnership furthers the long-running collaboration since 2000 to provide industry-related training and workshops for students.

This year, Jean Yip Group has also awarded $1,250 per year in financial assistance to four selected beauty and hair fashion students.

"I'm usually not a persistent person so having this scholarship will push me on and give me motivation to work harder," said 18-year-old Teresa Kwee, a first-year student from ITE College East's hair fashion and design course.