Office politics – a negative connotation in everyone’s minds that thou-shalt-avoid. Just when you thought sibling rivalry was behind you, your company life might just welcome you with inescapable claws of cold office politics.

Like it or not, office politics exists almost everywhere and can be found at all ranks. The reason for politics might not always be the desire for an increased pay or a promotion. It is ideal to handle the problems you are grappling with rather than steering clear from it.

Harmless gossiping is not that harmless after all. As the saying goes, “the walls have ears”. What goes around comes around. Therefore, it is vital to always govern on your own behaviour and not engage in mindless gossiping that might lead to misunderstandings. Always get your information from the source instead of through the grapevine. It is a more mature route and it will prevent much unnecessary anxiety about a person who may or may not have issues.

Emotions are often the driving force for any positive or negative issue. You have a choice in choosing how you feel and react. Be clear-minded and always keep your cool. Stop and think about your actions before you proceed. Try to understand from another person’s perspectives before being understood. There is no reason to get personal.

You should never take sides. There might be disagreements along the way but always ensure there is still constant and open communications. Remain neutral with your colleagues and if possible, build a network of allies. Know more about your co-workers and be helpful to them as the time will come when you need their assistance instead of them stabbing you at your back. The ultimate advice is to stay true to yourself and be the nice person you are.

Count yourself lucky if you have never had a brush with office politics. There is no need to be afraid of it. However, if office politics is a game you cannot play, move on.

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