Admit it — are you guilty of procrastination?

In fact, nearly everyone I know (including myself) suffers from this annoying habit and, at times, it becomes a big problem. It is usually caused by a limiting belief and can be difficult to deal with, but with a little perseverance you can overcome it.

First figure out if it is laziness or procrastination. If it is laziness, you will avoid doing anything (for example, you would rather sit on the couch and watch TV than go out shopping). If it is procrastination, it usually means that you find other things to do. So you may always be busy doing things, but instead of doing the important stuff, your procrastinating nature means that you avoid the real goal and do the things that are not as important or do the things that you enjoy more.

So what can you do about it? I should say, I don’t think you should be worrying about procrastination if you only do it sometimes, for example, when you watch a game of football instead of doing the household chores. Life is short, so don’t worry about doing everything that you are supposed to or expected to do all of the time.

These tips are to help you to stop avoiding doing the things that will improve your life and achieve your goals.

1. Think about the goal you want to achieve

Can you imagine what your life will look like when you achieve it? Use this vision as motivation to take one small step today towards achieving your goal. When you have taken the one small step, reward yourself and remind yourself again of the ultimate goal.

2. Have a “to do” list

Use it and make sure everything that you want to achieve today and tomorrow is on the list. It will help you to focus. If you are working on a long-term goal, you will need a plan but always break down the big goal into small steps. 

If you have a lot of things that you need to get done, prioritise them. Be realistic. Keep the important stuff at the top of your list and the things that can wait until tomorrow. Renew the list every couple of days and keep it up to date.

3. Take notice of how you procrastinate

Do you spend time on Facebook or chatting to your friends on the phone? Do you watch TV or play computer games? Notice patterns and avoid falling into the same traps each time. If your weak spot is surfing the Internet, don’t switch your computer on until your tasks are done.

If you need the computer for your work, log out from all of your favourite sites so that it is harder for you to keep going back to them. Be creative. Reward yourself for completing your tasks by setting aside time to do your favourite things.

If you try just one of these tips it will make a massive difference to achieving your goals and will help you to become more organised and less stressed.