Finding the right candidate can be challenging for recruiters when organisations are competing for the same small pool of talented candidates in an overcrowded job market.

Gone are the days when all a human resource manager or recruiter had to do was to place a job advertisement in major newspapers or on online job portals.

While they should not discount these methods, hiring managers and recruiters need to get creative in the current job market if they want to attract the best candidates to join their or their clients’ organisation.

Here are four methods to try out:

* Social networking sites

While some recruiters have skimmed the surface by using LinkedIn to find talent, other types of social media like Facebook and YouTube are actually great ways to get connected to potential candidates, especially the “Gen Y” employees that are currently flooding the employment scene.

Most established companies have Facebook pages to create branding awareness and to connect with customers. Why not go one step further to reach out to a targeted group of potential candidates? Furthermore, Facebook gives you the opportunities to check out the potential candidates’ profiles too.

Some companies are taking a different approach by creating videos on YouTube to invite suitable candidates to join them.

The recruiting videos can also showcase an overview of your organisation, working culture as well as benefits. You may even consider having a video documenting “a typical workday at ABC company” to give prospective candidates an insight into your organisation’s working environment.

* Advertise strategically

Advertise in places frequented by your targeted audience. Get creative by advertising job positions in places your targeted candidates visit regularly. This can include both physical and virtual spaces.

You could put up advertising banners in physical spaces such as cafes, eateries and shopping malls popular with your targeted group, MRT stations or even in the vicinity of your organisation’s location. Place e-banners in virtual spaces like popular websites or those related to your industry. Blogs are also a good option as they have great keyword content.

* Recommendation bonus

Recommendation bonuses not only entice your employees to do their bit for the company’s recruitment drive, they are also a great way of saying “thank you” to them for having confidence in the organisation.

* E-mail signature

E-mail is the most common mode of communication in almost every workplace today. Hundreds of e-mail messages are sent out to both external and internal clients. Why not leverage this to boost your recruitment efforts? Simply add to your e-mail signature a brief statement that your company is hiring. And it won’t cost you a cent!

A simple signature can be worded like this: “Do you have someone in mind to recommend? We are constantly on the lookout for the right people to join the (company name) family!”

Try these four recruitment tips and increase your chances of hiring the best talent.