It’s the month of December and the season to be jolly is just around the corner. Christmas is a time for Christmas parties and social events. It is also the time where you have to thrive your office Christmas party. Annual office party can boost or break your career.

Here is some ethical behaviour you have to remember at the back of your head:

Arrive At The Party On Time

Punctuality is an asset. Turn up on time, or even better, earlier, to show the organisers of your office party that you take the party seriously. This is a golden opportunity for you to network and build bridges with your colleagues and with those higher up in your work hierarchy. Be casual and humble, especially towards the senior management. Therefore, do not blow such a chance by being late.

Have Fun Eating But Limit Your Drinking 

Everyone’s eyes will shine when they see food and drinks galore. Note that you are in your office with your fellow co-workers and not in your usual restaurant setting. Do not race to the front of the queue at the buffet and do not ever pile your food high up on your plate (yes, we all know that Singaporeans are well-known for that). This is not the time for your colleagues to know that you have been surviving on bread and beans. Note to also not to over-eat. No one wants an upset stomach, do we?

It is a free bar but you should resist the temptation to down every drink you can lay your hands on. Delay drinking till you had some food. You should never drink on an empty stomach, unless you want to barf like there is no tomorrow.

When you know you are getting tipsy, have water and stop the free flow of drinks. When offered another by a colleague, gently turn it down. With new communication technologies at hand, everyone is armed with smartphones and always ready to Instagram or Twitpic any hilarious drunks. Trust me, no one looks cute in photos being drunk.

Always remember: limitations.

Tread Carefully In The Field Of Romance

There might be a colleague that you have always held a candle for but before you do anything, think if you have a bit too much on the drinks. Do not do anything on impulse under the control of booze. Flirting with an office colleague is always a no-no, unless you know you are sober and know your true feelings. In addition, be discreet unless you like gossips flying over the whole office.

If you are the one being targeted and you do not like the attention, be tactful and let them down gently. Remember that you still have to see and work with them in the office.

Take Note Of The Dress Code

Ask what to wear before attending the party to avoid embarrassment. Keep your attire simple. An office Christmas party is still a work event, not a clubbing event.

For guys, a collared shirt with nicely-polished shoes will be a great party attire.

As for ladies, be stylish yet covered up. Stay away from skimpy dresses, low plunging necklines and mini skirts. Make a compromise between “I’m attractive and sexy” and “Treat me like a professional”. Carry a bag with a handle. You will not want to juggle your food, drinks, presents and your bag all in two hands, like a clown.

In addition, wear shoes that you will be comfortable in and be able to stay upright for the hours to come.

Watch What You Talk

Other than guarding against revealing clothes, do not succumb to the high temptation of revealing your inner most thoughts about your work or colleagues. Gossiping will not be a good colour on you.

It will a good time for you to discuss some good ideas for work to your boss. However, do not go overboard and be a party bore. Show that you still have a social life. Discuss a variety of topics with your co-workers but to know to avoid issues like politics, religion, races and sex etc.

Always mind your personal manners and keep a gracious attitude. Have your winning smile plastered on your face at all times. A smile can always help pave way to the beginning of a wonderful conversation.

If your company has a Secret Santa activity, be tasteful and buy gifts that do not offend others. Moreover, do not forget to personally thank the organisers and your boss for such an excellent time before you leave.

In this yuletide season, you can have tremendous festive fun, yet still be able to save your reputation and career.

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