IT'S a busy year ahead for Mr Krishnan Aravinthan, 44.

His new school, recently named Spectra, is being built from scratch and will open in 2014 to cater for Normal (Technical) students. It is the second such specialised school after Crest Secondary, which opens next week.

As Spectra's head, Mr Aravinthan will stop at nothing to make sure students develop self-confidence.

"I hope that through programmes and leadership opportunities, they can build their self-esteem," said the former principal of Bedok South Secondary School.

He added that the school will be a "prism where students can develop their multiple talents", hence the name Spectra.

Mr Aravinthan, who used to teach academically weaker students, said confidence is something many of them lack.

Spectra, in Woodlands Drive 64, will be similar to Crest in curriculum and infrastructure but may offer different co-curricular activities.

"I want the students to tell us where their interest lies," he said. Planning the curriculum, outreach efforts and motto will be on his "to do" list. His teachers may also observe their peers at Crest in Jurong East.

The father of three is heartened by the interest in Normal (Technical) schools.

Crest received more than 300 applications and filled all 200 places.