The Singapore economy has been experiencing strong underlying economic growth. The economy is gaining more vibrancy and dynamism and creating more diverse job opportunities.

As such, there is a growing demand for a broader range of skill sets in the economy than was previously required.

As a result, there is greater emphasis on businesses to adopt a holistic approach to total talent acquisition, requiring them to reduce time to hire, manage costs efficiently and recruit the best staff with required skills, experience and aptitude to succeed in the job in the shortest possible time. 

A comprehensive background screening, behavioural and skills assessment programme enables employers to identify skills, understand psychographics and confirm the integrity of the candidates. This process will help identify issues and discrepancies that impede the candidate’s chances of being selected for a specific job role.

There are several common discrepancies found during the background verification of potential recruits, such as:

Inflating the purse for higher returns: Evidence shows that candidates tend to inflate their salaries, hoping their prospective employers will match or increase their remuneration.

With access to a comprehensive background screening system, this discrepancy can be easily discovered.

Putting on a bigger hat: As the largest provider of employment background screening services in the Asia-Pacific region, our studies show that candidates applying for jobs tend to embellish their job titles, hoping that their prospective employer would offer them a job at a higher rank.

For example, candidates might add the word “senior” in front of their existing titles.

Some candidates even go to great lengths — including creating fake documents — to substantiate their tall claims.

Apart from integrity issues, there is a high possibility that such candidates will not have the capabilities and abilities to work in the real world as a result of his or her lack of exposure and experience in the designation declared.

Employers using a background screening solution or service can sniff out these discrepancies through background and verification checks.

The “wannabe”: Some candidates tend to project themselves as capable individuals with a depth of experience by inflating their years in service, and expanding their job scope to include a regional role.

There are cases where prospective employees position themselves higher in the value chain, claiming to have major involvement in leading or participating in regional projects. A lack of such experience on-the-job may lead to disastrous implications for the employer that hires them.

Having a background screening system in place helps a business better assess and understand the competency and capabilities of individuals.

Dr Who?: After conducting background screening for hundreds of Fortune 1,000 companies, we know that there is a high incidence of individuals faking their educational qualifications. This issue is compounded by the prevalence and the ease of purchase of dubious online university degrees.

The “All can do”: There is also a growing tendency for potential employees to commonly fudge their abilities, claiming to be knowledgeable and expert in using specialised programs, in the hopes of bagging a job.

Using behavioural and skills assessments, businesses can test candidates’ knowledge of specific tools and domain knowledge required for the job. It will be highly embarrassing if the candidate scores low on an application he or she claims to be an expert in.

With the proliferation of web-based technology, integrated talent acquisition solutions are now within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses. The right screening solution will enable these businesses to save time and money by conducting background checks on potential recruits.

A service like VerifyDirect International ( improves workflow, ensures accuracy and minimises the risk of releasing inaccurate and/or sensitive data. VerifyDirect enables organisations to focus on core business challenges and opportunities while ensuring verification requests are produced quickly and accurately and only released when the individual (employee) gives their consent.