Ms Angie Ang, 33, used to be a retail supervisor before she decided to switch to a career close to her heart — an early childhood educator. The first step she took was to enrol in a diploma course in Early Childhood Care in 2018. Upon graduation, she joined Skool4Kidz's Punggol Waterway Cascadia branch.

“I chose to be an early childhood educator because I decided to follow my passion to work with children as I am intrigued with their creative thinking,” she says.

But she was not prepared for the temper tantrums that are common among young children. One of her students would throw frequent tantrums as he struggled to handle his emotions. Thankfully, her mentor, who was also the centre leader, offered her guidance and support.

“When I discussed my challenges with her, she suggested that I attend external training courses and mentored me on how to improve the situation,” she says.

Under her mentor's guidance, Ms Ang prepared various visual cues, such as pictures of happy and angry faces, to help the child identify and manage his emotions. While conversing with him, she also maintained eye contact to assure him of her support.

“Through the application of these two strategies, he is experiencing fewer tantrums and has begun to open up by expressing his needs verbally,” she says.

These are some of many learning opportunities she had, including Continuing Professional Development training, to develop herself as a teacher.

“Children learn best through positive learning,” she says. “I listen to all their responses when they speak. Children need to feel secure and respected when they share their thoughts, which enables learning to follow.”

Currently a senior teacher leading a class of Kindergarten 2 children, Ms Ang has been nominated by her centre leader for Skool4Kidz's High Potential Track due to her ability to lead, inspire and drive positive outcomes.

The track consists of a professional development talent strategy that focuses on real-world exposure, professional interaction and course-based grooming for selected staff.

“Along with these opportunities, I am thankful for my mentor's openness and willingness to guide me and share her knowledge,” says Ms Ang, who is confident that these experiences will prepare her to take her career to a higher level in the industry.