What are the important traits of an effective early childhood educator?
Early childhood educators need to be patient and quick to respond to changes, as well as have the ability to think on your feet. You will play an important role in shaping young minds and you are giving the children beautiful memories that they will carry throughout their entire lifetime.

What makes PCF Sparkletots’ teaching model different from its competitors?
At PCF Sparkletots, we believe that children develop and learn through meaningful and authentic experiences. We plan activities and events, such as celebrating festivals that allow children to make meaningful connections to their roots, to help them understand different races and cultures. As a mother tongue language teacher, I get to enliven the process of teaching the Chinese culture and the
language by simulating real-life experiences in the classroom.

What are some unique challenges you face because of Covid-19?
When the children first returned to school after the circuit breaker period, I was concerned about how they were going to adapt to the safety measures in place.I used storytelling and songs to help them understand why we need to have the measures in place and the importance of following them. The children adapted well, but I still constantly remind them of the importance of hand hygiene and other measures throughout the day. I am talking a lot more than usual, and while it may be taxing, it is crucial to ensure that the children under my care are safe and learning well.

What is your advice to those looking to follow in your footsteps?
It is important for newcomers to find an organisation that puts the employees first and encourages professional development. I am happy to have found an organisation that ticks all the boxes.