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Healthcare Management Executive 
We are seeking talented graduates to embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career in the SingHealth Healthcare Management Executive (HME) Programme. The HME journey comprises an intensive induction programme where you will widen your network across the SingHealth community and provides the opportunity to be rotated to roles in various disciplines such as Clinical Operations, Support Operations, Corporate Functions and Education and Research. You will be posted to different institutions within SingHealth to gain a better appreciation of the diverse work areas across different healthcare settings, and be involved in stretch assignments and cross-functional projects, ensuring holistic development throughout your career. The ample learning opportunities at both organisational and departmental levels will equip you to become an effective healthcare administrator.
Senior Manager, Investigational Medicine Unit (Contract) 
You will oversee the strategic and operational planning and management of all Clinical Research Nurses and administrative staff. You will supervise logistic planning and co-lead the clinical research study project management for the nurses and administer the issuance of clinical trial material to subjects.
You will adhere to the International Conference on Harmonization-Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP), Health Products Act and any other applicable regulatory requirements. You will ensure professional nursing standards are maintained for the safety of trial subjects and oversee the data collection processes. You will also be involved in Clinical Quality Improvement Management. 
Clinical Research Nurse, Investigational Medicine Unit (Contract)
You will participate in trial procedures in clinical research and assist the investigators in performing clinical trial procedures such as collection of blood samples and other biological specimens, and data recording. You will also perform intensive monitoring of research subjects in early phase clinical trials in compliance with International Conference on Harmonization-Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP).
Associate Clinical Research Coordinator, Investigational Medicine Unit (Contract)
You will work in an early phase clinical research environment, provide research support service in clinical trials and ensure the delivery of trial-related services complies with International Conference on Harmonization-Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP). You will be involved in project management, performing trial-related duties, laboratory and/or medical procedures, in accordance to requirements and conditions stipulated by trial protocol etc. 
Please apply by 21 February 2021