Ms Pamela Tan maximises her potential with the support from her employer, NTUC First Campus

MS PAMELA Tan wondered if her job as an assistant pre-school teacher was the right fit when she joined NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool 13 years ago.

Over time, the 34-year-old came to realise that each pre-school teacher can have a significant impact on every child in her formative years. This motivated Ms Tan to obtain the qualifications needed to pursue a long-term career in pre-school education.

NTUC First Campus provides regular coaching and training for its employees to equip them with skills in strategic planning and curriculum knowledge.

With its support, Ms Tan obtained a certificate in preschool teaching, followed by a specialist diploma with a leadership focus.

In 2011, she joined its structured and rigorous six-month leadership development programme, Grow With Us, that helps aspiring principals to develop the competencies required to lead a centre.

That same year, she became the principal of a childcare centre with more than 120 pupils in Bedok.

Her learning journey did not stop there. In 2012, she embarked on a part-time degree in early childhood from Wheelock College through SEED Institute in Singapore.

Nurturing environment for the future

Ms Tan treasures the close-knit sense of community among her staff. As the principal, she believes in setting an example for her colleagues and taking charge of the professional development and well being of her teachers.

She recalls an incident when one of her pupils felt ill in school and became too weak to walk. Although his grandmother came to pick him up, she was too frail to carry him. So Ms Tan took it upon herself to carry him home.

She says: “This is an environment full of happiness, tears and love, it is a big family where we care for each other and support one another when needed.

“Everyone puts in their best towards the common goal of doing good for the children.”

Her dedication paid off when she was promoted to executive principal in October last year.

She also joined the leadership team that is piloting the first of four mega childcare centres in

Set to open in May this year, the centre that Ms Tan will lead will offer 1,000 childcare places and bring the number of such centres run by anchor operators to nine.

“The early childhood care and education (ECCE) field in Singapore is very vibrant now. In the midst of this changing landscape, I feel I can contribute more meaningfully in one way or another,” says Ms Tan.


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