SOMETIMES, all it takes is a small gesture to bring a smile to someone’s face.

This is what CSM Academy International aims to achieve with its latest initiative for Nurses’ Day today.

A healthcare education provider since 2005, it has recently partnered one of the world’s leading schools of nursing, the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, to continue its efforts to offer top-notch education to nurses.

To show its support for the nursing profession, CSM Academy International will be giving away approximately 5,000 muffins from Cedele to various hospitals early this month to commemorate the special day.

Every cohort of student nurses at the institution has been known to be dedicated to their quest to learn more and excel in their profession in the past 13 years. Even the institution’s staff are inspired by their enthusiasm to attend classes after a tiring shift at work.

Ms Phoebe Yip, assistant manager of student services, says: “As a former clinical coordinator at a hospital, I have witnessed the various selfless ways nurses show dedication to their jobs.

“As such, we wanted to show our appreciation to the nurses who work round the clock tirelessly to care for their patients.” The initiative came about after a discussion Ms Yip had with CSM Academy International’s chief executive officer Lynn Chow.

Ms Chow says: “On this special occasion, we would like to salute all our nurses nationwide for their hard work.

“The muffins are a token of our appreciation. It takes courage, determination and professionalism to be a nurse — a job that deserves our utmost respect.”

CSM Academy International is collaborating with the University of Dundee to offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Health — a degree accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board.

Next year, they will pay tribute to Nurses’ Day with a special conference.

“We plan to invite our partner from the University of Dundee to share some expertise with our healthcare community,” says Ms Yip.

This article was contributed by CSM Academy International.

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