ACCORDING to Ms Sharon Ng (above), nothing gives her more satisfaction than knowing the students at Republic Polytechnic (RP) have a smooth and seamless education journey despite tough times.

As an assistant director from the Office of Industry and Collaboration at RP, she considers herself a “matchmaker” and a bridge between industry partners, organisations and RP. Handling two portfolios — industry collaboration, and donations and sponsorships, her role includes ensuring that students get the best learning experience through collaborations and internships in the various sectors, and to source for funds to help less fortunate students.

Beating tough times

Ms Ng, in her 40s, joined RP in 2009 as a Manager in the Academy for Continuing Education before moving to her current position in 2012.

Given the nature of her job, challenge is always around the corner.

Uncontrollable external factors such as poor economic climate can impact her ability to secure donations and for companies to provide collaboration opportunities.

But when the going gets tough, Ms Ng and her team get creative and rethink of different ways to approach and engage their partners.

She says: “We further enhanced our customer-centric approach and focused on understanding the needs of our key partners. We match the needs of companies and position ourselves as a total solutions provider by offering a one-stop service of providing both consultancy and training services to help companies alleviate their pain points and upgrade the skills of their employees.” This approach is proving to be a success, helping RP to deepen its relations with various stakeholders.

Continuing education

Ms Ng credits her fondness for learning to always keeping her on top of things.

She says: “It is important to continually learn new skills to stay relevant and enhance our work. New technologies open up opportunities for us to improve our work processes and be more productive.

“Being in an education institution, we want to be a good role model for our students and embrace lifelong learning.” RP offers a wide range of courses at its Academy for Continuing Education, including HR analytics, cyber security, design thinking, food and nutrition, sports and exercise sciences.

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