HAVING worked as an assistant manager at Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Academy for Continuing Education @RP (ACE @RP) for almost two years, Ms Nicole Shi (above) is inspired by the level of dedication working adults show in balancing work and learning new skills.

Data from the Ministry of Education shows that the number of adult learners have increased in recent years — from 42,000 in 2012 to 77,000 in 2017.

Ms Shi, 31, says: “More working adults are realising the importance of continuing education. Many are taking up courses to stay relevant and gain new skill sets to remain employable in the new economy.”

Further education

The ACE @RP was established to provide working adults with lifelong learning opportunities through a diverse range of industry-recognised programmes.

The industry-recognised courses are approved by Ministry of Education and SkillsFuture Singapore.

Ms Shi joined RP in September 2016, and is responsible for marketing and business development of its Continuing Education and Training (CET) which includes the full qualification programmes and SkillsFuture short courses.

Walking the talk, Ms Shi also enrolled in an adult learning course to equip her with knowledge relevant to her job.

The Dealing with Difficult Customers workshop gave her insights on interpersonal relationships and she also learnt how to apply different strategies to effectively handle people she encounters from various industries.

Another workshop, Experience How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Makes Your Work Easier, helps her to achieve productivity through automation in administrative and repetitive tasks.

“I love my job. It sees me meeting new people every day who are keen to better themselves. Their perseverance and willingness to learn inspire me to be a lifelong learner too,” she says.

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