HOW often does someone get to play a part in sculpting the infrastructure of Singapore’s healthcare landscape? For Mr Dominic Huang, 37, senior manager of Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division at MOH Holdings (MOHH), it is par for the course.

Mr Huang, who joined the company in June 2016, helps to enhance the construction productivity technology, and leads a team of consultants and builders to facilitate collaboration efforts between healthcare and construction professionals.

Mr Huang also has to ensure that all healthcare infrastructure projects under him are completed in a safe, timely, productive and cost-efficient manner.

“I would say I am both a shepherd and an engineer. I have to guide and direct the team of people I work with to meet the project objectives. As an engineer, I have to be a problem-solver too,” he says.

Mr Huang, who graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with Honours, feels that his job fulfils his childhood interest in construction and architecture.

He recalls being intrigued by the progress of buildings being erected on vacant land, thus sparking his interest in civil engineering and buildings.

Now, he feels a great sense of satisfaction when he sees a project taking shape and being completed.


Beyond construction

It takes more than a love for building and architecture to play a part in MOHH’s Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division.

Mr Huang believes that he has to look beyond the blueprint of every project to excel in his role.

Given the dynamic nature of the sector, it is crucial for a manager like him to align every project’s objectives with its multiple stakeholders in order to deliver excellent results on time.

He says: “My knowledge of healthcare infrastructure functions and my technical know-how have expanded since I joined MOHH. I’ve also learnt crucial ‘soft skills’ such as managing and communicating with different stakeholders, which helps me think of the projects in a holistic and global approach.”


Growing sector

With the sector moving towards smart infrastructure, Mr Huang believes that it is currently ideal to be in the ever-evolving healthcare infrastructure landscape. He is proud to have played a part in it.

For instance, he contributed to part of the construction industry’s digital wave when he worked with consultants to pilot the Singapore Integrated Digital Delivery project that uses advanced technologies to develop an efficient, productive and smart construction methodology.

“As the construction industry is moving into digital delivery, and with the move to bring healthcare closer to the patient, there are tremendous possibilities. In five years, I hope I will be working on a smart delivery project,” he says.


Make a difference

Mr Huang joined MOHH with a desire to make an impact on Singapore’s public healthcare. He was also drawn by the opportunities offered by the organisation to chart an exciting and progressive career with pathways for growth and development in professional expertise and skills.

As the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare clusters — National University Health System, National Healthcare Group and Singapore Health Services — MOHH plays an important role to enhance public healthcare sector performance.

Its responsibilities include developing regional and community healthcare institutions, providing a system for joint recruitment for Singapore’s public healthcare institutions, optimising some finance-related functions within the MOHH Group, and lending both strategic and operational Board secretarial support for the Group.

To those who wish to explore a similar career track, Mr Huang says: “MOHH offers an in-depth and specialised healthcare infrastructure experience, which you do not find in many companies.”