Mr Ivan Chang is director of infrastructure development at Sport Singapore (SportSG). The 49-year-old leads teams of project managers, quantity surveyors, architects, technical consultants and contractors to conceptualise, develop, plan, design and construct a new generation of sports facilities in Singapore.

What projects have you worked on?

When I first joined SportSG, I was involved in the construction of the Singapore Sports Hub. With my team, I ensured that the consortium in charge constructed the Sports Hub according to the project specifications.

Now, I play a larger role in realising the Sports Facilities Master Plan. My team and I ensure that sports facilities are within easy reach of as many people as possible by enhancing existing community spaces, making facilities available after school hours and developing new and innovative facilities.

For instance, the Bukit Canberra project at Sembawang will have a greater emphasis on greenery and heritage compared to older sports facilities in Singapore.

How does Sport Singapore encourage your career development?

SportSG exposes me to various aspects of the decision-making process in a project, helping me to understand the different stakeholders involved and how to balance community needs with land limitations.

It also provides many leadership training opportunities for its staff, such as the Public Project Leadership Programme by the Centre for Public Project Management (CP2M) office that I attended in November 2016.