CHLOE Ng Ying Xuan, 6, is steadily gaining the confidence to explore her talents, skills and interests, under the tutelage of Miss Mano Mary Panneer Selvam (Teacher Mary) at MY World Preschool @ Kang Ching, observes Madam Ong Wai Mun, Chloe’s mother.

“She needs a lot of encouragement from those around her and Teacher Mary has boosted her self-esteem and optimism,” she adds.

Madam Ong is also grateful that Teacher Mary’s innovative lessons allow the pupils to create rules for each learning corner, such as Numeracy and Block Centre, in school.

She says: “This enables my child to think creatively and take responsibility for her own learning environment.

A two-way street

Teacher Mary, 25, makes it a point to involve parents in their children’s education by gathering feedback from them to aid in meaningful lesson planning.

She also enjoys chatting with the children, which helps her to strengthen her bond with them and, as a plus, gain authentic information about their usual activities.

Madam Ong says: “Chloe has since learnt about the value of respect for others.”

“Mary is a role model not only to children, but to adults as well,” says centre leader Ng Kai Ting.

“Her strengths are patience, respectfulness and a belief in reflective learning.”

Thank you for your devotion to your work! Your patience and guidance makes all the difference. You are an inspiring teacher who does so much for your students and we sincerely appreciate it. Happy Teachers’ Day!
- Madam Ong Wai Mun