Few jobs would allow you to come to work with your face and arms painted in colourful stripes.

Yet that was exactly what Ms Gayle Bernadette Christee, 34, did in August last year, when she turned up at her workplace dressed up as Camilla Cream from the popular children’s book, A Bad Case of Stripes.

The English teacher at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Braddell was hosting a parental involvement event for her nursery class as part of Book Character Day.

Some parents came dressed as Snow White, Mr Strong and even the evil witch from Snow White.

“Gayle always comes up with creative and innovative ideas when planning activities for the children.

“She put a lot of time and effort into this event, and the students and parents gained so much from it,” says Ms Audrey Christee, principal of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Braddell.

Teaching creatively despite challenges

Gayle’s start as an educator was filled with the trepidation of having to deal with unexpected situations such as a chorus of crying children or a pupil who might suddenly throw up in class.

She successfully surmounted these challenges, and now injects her passion and creativity into her lessons.

For instance, she helped to set up a garden in the school premises so that pupils can observe the life cycle of a butterfly first-hand even as they learn about it in class.

“I believe Gayle’s passion for children led her to press on despite challenges, and she now teaches with great passion and insight,” says Audrey.

I would like to wish all early childhood educators an amazing Teachers Day! I believe all of us are putting in our very best for the children. Know your worth and if this is the path you choose, strive to do the very best for yourselves and the children.
- Ms Audrey Christee