Madam Yao Cheng Fang became an educator right after graduating from university in 2006, because she found the pre-school environment to be “full of joy, with happy children singing and learning”.

On moving to Singapore from Shanghai in 2010, she was keen to continue doing what she loved.

Currently a Chinese teacher at the Safari House Preschool Jurong, where her two children are also studying, Madam Yao, 35, enjoys her job tremendously.

She feels happy working with children as they are simple and express their feelings spontaneously.

Supportive work environment

Madam Yao also likes her harmonious work environment, and appreciates and cherishes her colleagues, who are like family to her.

One sweet memory is the support she received from her colleagues after returning to work from maternity leave in 2015.

She found it challenging to juggle her family and work then, especially as she was teaching the graduating K2 class.

She recalls: “It was hectic and I wondered if I would be able to cope. Fortunately, my colleagues were very supportive and encouraged me to pull through this tough period.”

For those keen to join the sector, Madam Yao cautions that it is not enough to simply like children.

She highlights that there are many other attributes that are just as important, including enthusiasm, passion, and the ability to have good rapport with and build trust with children.

Madam Yao adds: “It is not easy for a new teacher to overcome many hurdles and difficulties, but someone who is dedicated, full of optimism and not afraid of hard work will be able to excel in this industry.”

I am very honoured to have the opportunity to share the experience of being a pre-school educator. I hope that all teachers will have fun teaching. Happy Teachers Day!
- Madam Yao Cheng Fang