FOR Ms Joanna Wong,28, being an early childhood educator (ECE) is more than just a job — it is a passion. The senior teacher at Carpe DiemKidz had worked in the industry before, but left to pursue a polytechnic diploma in an unrelated subject.

But her love for children and the joy that she felt while working with them ultimately drew her back into early childhood education. Her sister, Ms Jowell Wong, 32, says Joanna is popular with the young ones both in school and at home.

“Joanna is great with handling children, and shows patience and passion when interacting with them. My two girls are always excited to spend time with her when they come home,” says Jowell.

Going the extra mile

Joanna’s care for her pupils extends beyond the classroom.

Jowell observes that Joanna will buy small gifts for the children when travelling overseas, and will also look after their physical well-being by researching remedies for ailments they have.

Committed to her job, Joanna spends her weekends buying books and resources to improve herself as an ECE.

Jowell admires her sister’s energy and dedication to her craft, and encourages parents to be more appreciative of teachers.

She says: “After seeing how my sister showers love and care on her students, I feel that many teachers’ hard work may at times go unnoticed.”

I would like to thank all the early childhood teachers out there who go the extra mile to care and educate the children, and mould the future generation. Happy Teachers Day!