EARLIER this year, Ms Rachel Wan hurt her hand. As her injury required stitches, she got a few days’medical leave.

When the senior teacher at E-Bridge Pre-School Circuit Road returned to work, her pupils were excited to see her, but also concerned.

Rallying around their teacher, the children gave her comforting hugs and gentle pats — even after the stitches were removed.

That heartwarming moment further convinced the 29-year-old that she had made the right decision to pursue a career in early childhood two and a half years ago.

Leap of faith

Ms Wan, who was an assistant teacher previously, became a full-fledged English teacher in April.

The journalism major was completing her honours year in Melbourne in 2012 when she discovered her affinity for kids while taking on babysitting jobs.

But she still deliberated over her decision to join the early childhood industry.

Before making the leap, she spoke to those in the industry and did research for over a year.

She recalls: “Watching and supporting the children as they grew up and learnt so many things brought joy to my heart.”

“I feel blessed and privileged to be able to impact the lives of the people I meet in such a personal way,” she adds.

Ms Wan also lauds the efforts of her fellow educators.

She says: “We will care for, love and teach so many children in our journey as educators. Sometimes, we might not immediately see the fruit of our labour, but always remember that you make a difference.”

I think all early childhood educators should know how valuable their contributions are. Remember that your heart, time and effort set the foundation and pave the way for greater things. You are doing a great job!