TO MRS Jennifer Pang, 38, early childhood educators are just like family to her six-year-old son, Daren Pang.

While she works, her son spends his day at The Little Skool-House By-The-Vista (Ulu Pandan CC).

She is thankful for Daren’s teacher, Ms Jane Mayriel Singh, who is affectionately known as Teacher Jane.

“Through Teacher Jane’s guidance, my child has become an independent and resilient boy,” says Mrs Pang.

Some of the activities Daren and his classmates enjoyed include a three-day-two-night camp. The children also went on learning journeys at museums, wet markets and supermarkets, where they were taught to read food labels and recognise the Healthier Choice Symbol on food products.

These experiences have made Daren “an excellent helper” at the supermarket, adds Mrs Pang.

Satisfying job

For her dedication to her young charges, Teacher Jane, 29, was awarded the Outstanding Early Childhood Teacher Award in the ECDA Awards 2017.

Some of her teaching methodologies include getting pupils to share news articles with their classmates to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills.

As an early childhood educator, Teacher Jane is particularly proud when a pupil progresses from needing help in a particular task or skill to being able to do so independently and confidently.

The educator, who holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, also enjoys forming relationships with children and their families.

She says: “Having parents as partners in their child’s learning process has helped me understand the different needs and abilities of each child.”

I would like to thank you for the love, care and patience you showered on my children Daren and Asher. I really appreciate how you created a fun and easy learning environment for them. I will always be thankful for the peace of mind and comfort you gave me while I was at work.
- Mrs Jennifer Pang