AS the centre director of both MapleBear Orchard and MapleBear Pasir Panjang, Ms Gladys Ng, 30, wants to inspire and motivate her colleagues to strive for excellence.

Being in a leadership role also means that she has to display business acumen and management expertise while keeping an eye on the centres’ operations.

With a background in early childhood education, Ms Ng also takes on curriculum planning and teaching duties.

She says: “It is a whole community or ecosystem that we are working with — children, parents, grandparents, fellow educators and educarers. I find so much joy in it that I keep wanting to do and learn more.”

Improving under mentorship

Ms Ng feels that having mentors is critical to her career development. She credits MapleBear Singapore’s chief executive Patricia Koh for playing a pivotal role in her professional and personal growth.

“She works very closely with us, and gets us thinking about ways to better engage children more meaningfully,” says Ms Ng.

Mrs Koh, 67, is prominent in Singapore’s pre-school education scene, having amassed more than 40 years of experience developing programmes for teachers and children, as well as working with families.

She also recently joined the MapleBear Global Schools’ academic advisory team.

“Children are easily drawn to her gentle and patient approach,” says Ms Koh of Ms Ng, adding that she is warm and attentive towards the students under her care.

 “She has lots of ideas and is passionate about creating meaningful lessons and activities that are able to engage her young charges and help them easily grasp new concepts.” 

Stay true to your mission as an early childhood educator and know that one day you will have a young father or mother come up to you and say, You taught me when I was three!
- Mrs Patricia Koh