MS LOH Huiling (far left), 36, understands all too well the value of a great educator.

After all, the classroom was where she first met her mentor and colleague, Ms Christine Soo (left).

When she was pursuing an early childhood certification at the SEED Institute in 2006 so she could become an early childhood educator (ECE), Ms Soo was one of her lecturers.

Of her former teacher, Ms Loh says: “Christine not only imparted knowledge to the class, she also shared many of her life experiences, which I enjoyed very much.” 

As an educator, Ms Soo says that Ms Loh is sensitive, responsive and respectful towards her pupils.

“Huiling focuses on positive interactions, and building warm and nurturing relationships. The safe, purposeful and cosy environment helps the children develop independence and confidence, as well as a sense of belonging and self,” she adds.

Those are the traits that Ms Loh, who teaches at PCF Sparkletots Tampines Central 867A, appreciates in her mentor.

Ms Loh says: “Christine acknowledges every effort that we put in and encourages her mentees to persevere. She is also warm, patient and encouraging. To a mentee, these are important qualities.” 

Empowered through learning

The two reconnected in 2013, when Ms Loh took part in a curriculum and pedagogy training session facilitated by Ms Soo, who by then had joined the PAP Community Foundation.

She also participated in the workgroup to pilot and develop enhanced activities for the curriculum.

To Ms Loh, ECEs must constantly upgrade and enrich themselves to help their charges to further develop skills and gain knowledge.

She says: “We need to develop the children socially and emotionally through a respectful approach and mode of interaction so that they grow up to be competent and confident individuals.” 

I wish all the ECEs a wonderful Teachers’ Day! To everyone who was a part of my ECE journey— a huge thank you for your support, patience, encouragement and acknowledgement.
- Ms Loh Huiling