SISTERS Nur Amalina Kamal, 23, and Nur Diyanah Kamal, 21, say that their older brother Muhammad Hadi Kamal has a way of communicating with and instilling values in his pupils. 

Mr Hadi, a teacher at My First Skool’s Bukit Panjang Centre says: “The children under your care will always look up to you. They think that I am the know-it-all and come to me for answers, and then go home and tell their parents and grandparents what I say and teach in class.”

Being an inspiration

Mr Hadi, 25 (centre, with his parents and sisters below), chose to be an early childhood educator as he wants to make a difference in the lives of children. His dedication is an inspiration to his sisters.

“He rarely complains about how hard his work is—he believes that every child deserves a chance and wants nothing but the best for them,” Ms Diyanah says.

Ms Amalina adds: “He is also very creative in his teaching methods. His aim is to always educate and nurture the children in the most effective and creative ways using his own lesson plans.”

That observation gels with Mr Hadi’s belief that an educator should always think outside of the box.

“Every class you are assigned to, and every child in a class, is always different. We need to think outside of the box so that each child is able to develop holistically,” he says.

We would like to thank our brother, as well as all other educators, for being the ones helping little caterpillars become butterflies. Keep inspiring and doing what you are doing. Happy Teachers’ Day!
- Nur Amalina and Nur Diyanah