MADAM Kwok Ling Ling, 56, is a therapy aide at SASCO Integrated Eldercare Centre and a beneficiary of Workforce Singapore’s Career Matchmaking Services.



She says: “My former colleagues in human resources would never have imagined me in the healthcare industry. I guess you could say that I’ve moved from ‘caring’ for individuals in their careers to caring for their physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being.



“When my youngest son was born, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. My whole world came crashing down.



“Fortunately, we had a caring therapist, who was with him all the way and took really good care of him. I was truly grateful, and through this experience, it sparked my interest to become a therapist.



“At that time, I didn’t pursue it further as my children were still young, and for me to pursue a private education to make that career switch would put stress on my family’s finances.



“I chanced upon an advertisement for a therapy aid course offered by the HMI Institute of Health Sciences in partnership with Workforce Singapore (WSG), 15 years later.



“I wasn’t confident that I could make this switch, so I decided to consult a career coach at WSG’s Career Centre.


“Mr Wong Chee Leong told me about the sector, its roles and responsibilities and the course details so that I could make an informed decision. He helped me with the application, processed the funding support for my course, and continued to encourage me even after our coaching sessions.



“I am very grateful to Mr Wong and WSG. Without his encouragement and guidance, and the funding support, I would not have taken the step to study therapy aid and made the successful career switch to the healthcare industry,” she says.


This article was contributed by Workforce Singapore.


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