TO WORK in healthcare, one must possess these qualities:


Good interpersonal skills

From holding medical consultations, administering drugs to patients and communicating with staff to engaging young children or the elderly, strong communication skills are essential.



This quality helps one to understand and be sensitive towards the challenges faced by patients.

Great healthcare professionals can empathise with the pain and suffering of patients and their families and offer them comfort.


A cool head

In an intense and unpredictable environment such as the emergency department, a healthcare professional needs to remain level-headed and respond calmly so as not to cause the patient to panic further. This can in turn help the other nurses and doctors do their jobs more effectively.



A healthcare professional has to work on shifts, weekends and public holidays as there are always emergencies to attend to and patients who need their constant care.



A healthcare professional should  have a positive attitude. This includes supporting patients with a cheerful demeanour, taking the initiative to check in on patients, and constantly staying on your toes to make sure that your patients are comfortable and well cared for.


An eye for detail

When a patient’s health is on the line, every detail matters. Those who can be relied on to double-check information or are alert to even the smallest change in a fast-paced work environment will excel.


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