THINGS are looking up for security officers in Singapore, literally.


Since Sept 1 last year, security agencies have had to meet the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) wage and training requirements for security officers who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents (PRs).


The PWM for security officers was developed by the Security Tripartite Cluster, and comes under the licensing scheme for security agencies, administered by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department.


Security agencies must meet the PWM requirements to obtain or renew their licences.



The PWM requirements cover all Singapore citizens and PRs employed in outsourced security jobs.


Employers are encouraged to incorporate the principles of progressive wages into the wage structure of their foreign security officers.


Wage requirements

The PWM is a five-level career progression model. It features specific training requirements that tap the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications for Security

(Security WSQ) to ensure that security officers are equipped with the skills needed to carry out their jobs.


Progressive wages are pegged to each level to ensure that security officers are paid wages that correspond with their skills and productivity.


Training requirements

Security agencies must ensure that their Singaporean and PR security officers meet the PWM training requirements.


Training helps both the security agency and security officers boost their productivity and ability to provide higher security standards to service buyers.


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