WHETHER you are a mid-career hire or started young, security company Certis Cisco has a place for you.


Aviation screening officers (AVSOs) Lau Chee Leng and Siti Aisyah may be 25 years apart in age, but they have bonded while working together at the Certis Cisco Security Screening Unit (CCSU) at Changi Airport.


CCSU’s main responsibility is to detect and remove suspicious items during pre-board security screening at Changi Airport.


The teams consist of a shift executive, assistant shift executive, flight supervisors and men on the ground. A basic team size is about 100 to 110 persons per shift.


A united front

Ms Lau, 54, an operations deployment assistant, joined Certis Cisco four years ago. Her duties include doing inventory, equipment handling and checks, and hold baggage screening.


The former kindergarten teacher finds the work environment at the airport fun and dynamic.


She says: “I get to meet many different people at the airport, and have the opportunity to interact with them.


“My colleagues are supportive and are always willing to help one another as much as possible. We are bonded by our mission to provide quality service to people visiting the airport and to uphold safety standards against threats.”


Ms Siti, 29, an assistant shift executive, agrees.


She joined Certis Cisco nine years ago from another security company and has risen through the ranks.


Her role now involves conducting briefings for her subordinates, grooming checks, and incident management.


She says: “At the airport, we get to meet different people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. People are happiest and most productive when they work in an environment that suits them.


“The relationship between co-workers and supervisors is also good, and we have very strong team spirit.”



Trained to serve

Work at the airport is not all smooth sailing.


At times, the team has to deal with challenges such as difficult passengers who refuse to abide by security regulations. Language barriers may worsen the problem and lead to a communication breakdown.


Ms Siti and her team have been trained to take these challenges in their stride.


Certis Cisco sends all employees for courses to equip them with skills and knowledge to better serve passengers in the airport, and to improve safety standards against threats.


Personal development courses also help employees build confidence and improve their ability to lead and communicate with colleagues, so that they can work together better as a team.


Ms Siti says: “The company culture has helped me to stretch myself to the best of my abilities and especially learn how to control my emotions. We need to be professional when interacting with passengers.”


Ms Lau adds: “Changi Airport is the first and last port of call for tourists in Singapore and we want to give them a memorable and happy experience.


“We are also keenly focused on maintaining safety and security in the airport, and guarding against any threats.”


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