BEING a mum of two and having planned children’s fitness programmes in the past inspired Ms Sheree Scully, 48, to pursue a career that involved kids.


Upon a friend’s encouragement, she joined BusyBees, which manages Pat’s Schoolhouse and other early childhood education brands.


She is currently the vice principal of Pat’s Schoolhouse at Mount Emily, which caters to toddlers aged 18 months to six years.


A firm foundation

In the beginning, Ms Scully found it tough trying to hold the attention of a class of at least 12 children for the whole day. As she progressed, she overcame that hurdle by incorporating in her lessons tactics such as purposeful play in small groups, storytelling and singing.


She co-teaches the Kindergarten 2 Level with a Chinese language teacher as the school offers equal language exposure.


In addition, the school focuses on inculcating values such as kindness, and sharing and caring in the children. They are also taught to care about cleanliness and learn to be independent when they use the restroom, shower and have their meals.


When the children wind down for their afternoon nap, she catches up on administration work and plans lessons.


“This job is certainly not for someone looking for a deskbound job as the children will always keep you on your toes,” she says.

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