Ms Fish Kok

MS FISH Kok, 27, is currently the principal at Hampton Pre-School. She became an educator as she was inspired by her pre-school teacher, Mrs Tang, who brought much fun to learning.


She says: “Children reinforce my choice of profession as they display a never ending sense of wonder towards the world around them!


“I see so much potential in them. Once, when we were doing rhyming words, the children were encouraged to think of, or create words, that rhyme. A child came up with “Missy Fishy” and it stuck— they all call me that now. We had such a good laugh at all the silly words and by the end of the day, they definitely understood how rhyming words work!”


Ms Lim Wei Chan

Ms Lim Wei Chan, 29, a Chinese language teacher at Little Footprints @ Tung Po agrees wholeheartedly with Albert Einstein, who said: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”


“I feel that it is my calling to shape the minds of the children in my care. I ensure that the children are always happy, and are learning in a safe and conducive environment,” she says.


“During one of our water play sessions, I’d rolled up my pants before entering the water and a child noticed a scar from a fall I had a couple of months ago.


She touched both my knees and asked, ‘Does it still hurt?’ That simple question immediately touched my heart. It is very heart-warming to know that children show love and care through the little things they do and say. This is why I love my job!”


Ms Hannah Tan

Ms Hannah Tan, 25, K2 class teacher at The Capstone Kindergarten says: “Looking back, my teachers and the education I received pushed me towards becoming a teacher myself. I want to build a child’s character, and impart morals and values besides academic excellence. I want them to acquire skills and knowledge that will be with them throughout their lives.”


Ms Violet Chang

Ms Violet Chang, 58, teaches K1 and K2 at Grace House Kindergarten.

She says: “Many of my previous K2 batches have returned to school and thanked me for teaching them. Seeing them so happy and confident in their primary school uniforms never fails to give me a special sense of joy and pride.”


“They have transitioned smoothly from a pre-school to a primary school, and many of them are prefects/monitors.


They exude a sense of confidence, and are doing well academically. As a preschool teacher, it is heart-warming to know that I have played a part in developing young children into competent and confident learners!”


Ms Cheng Xiao Yu

To Ms Cheng Xiao Yu, a Chinese language teacher at Grow & Glow @ Pasir Ris 21 Centre, teaching pre-schoolers is like being a gardener, nurturing and cultivating precious seedlings, and sowing hope for tomorrow.


“I think the most heartening aspect is to watch each child grow up, gain new knowledge, learn how to respect and help others, and gradually become an independent, kind, confident and responsible citizen. I am proud of every child, and I’m proud to be a pre-school teacher,” she says.


Ms Marycar Corpuz Bello

Former staff nurse Marycar Corpuz Bello (Teacher Cai), 37, is a senior infant educarer at NurtureStars Preschool Toa Payoh.


She says: “As an infant care teacher, I have the opportunity to witness many milestone moments in a baby’s life, such as his first tooth, his first steps, and his first words. Our older infants, who have since been promoted to pre-nursery, still run to me and fondly call me Teacher Cai.


“Although this job can be physically, mentally, and even emotionally exhausting at times, the smiles and hugs from these infants have touched me and kept me motivated!”

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