AS THE deputy centre lead at My First Skool, Ms Eunice Lim, 33, is on her feet most of the time.


Her typical day at the preschool located at Block 54 Chin Swee Road involves daily walkabouts two or three times a day to observe the classes, mentoring teachers in curriculum matters, ensuring smooth operations and engaging with parents.


Ms Lim started out as a trainee teacher at NTUC First Campus in 2010.


Forming good partnerships

Ms Lim believes that besides teachers and friends, parents play a crucial role in their children’s overall development.


When she was a teacher, she recalls a three-year-old boy whom everyone thought was autistic as he would not interact or make eye contact with anyone.


However, after observing him for a few months, she felt that he may have developmental delays instead. They arranged for the boy to see a specialist and it turned out that her instincts were spot on.


The incident helped Ms Lim realise the importance of working closely with parents.


She asked the mother of another student to find out the reason for her son’s tantrums in class and realised that the parents were undergoing a divorce at that time. Ms Lim assured his mother that the teachers would do their best to support him.


Their efforts paid off and the boy’s behaviour gradually improved. A year later, his mother wrote a thank-you note to his teachers.


It is Ms Lim’s passion to make a difference in the lives of children and maximize the potential of teachers under her mentorship that keeps her motivated.

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