WHAT began with the intention of acquiring knowledge on how to care for her newborn child soon set Ms Loh Huiling on a whole new career path.


Now a senior infant educarer at PCF Sparkletots, Ms Loh, 35, takes care of infants aged two to 18 months to two years.


She oversees the daily operations of the infant bay, mentors new or assistant educarers, as well as plans and executes age appropriate engaging activities with her colleagues for the infants.


“Children need trust, confidence and space to grow and learn,” she says


An encouraging educator

Taking care of such young children is a challenge as they can easily become upset when they are sick or miss their parents.


To overcome this, Ms Loh focuses on building a bond with each child as well as establishing trust with their parents.


There was once a 15-month old infant under her care who was unable to stand without support.


Besides suggesting ways for her parents to strengthen her motor skills at home, Ms Loh and her colleagues gave the child extra help to ensure she could move on to the toddler class when she turned 18 months old.


With their combined efforts, the child was able to walk independently at 17 months.


“I really enjoy working with children, regardless of the age group. Being able to educate, care for and build relationships with the children and their parents motivates me,” she says.

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