IN 2009, as a newbie, Ms Nur Analiza Safiee (Teacher Anna) was given an opportunity to wet her feet in the early childhood industry in an infant care setting.


She says: “It was a blessing in disguise for me. I knew by then that being an infant educarer was something I could see myself doing for many years.”


Today, Ms Nur Analiza, 29, is a senior infant educarer (SIE) at My World @ Teban Gardens. She has fulfilled an ambition she harboured since she was five years old, to become a teacher.


Her responsibilities include mentoring and coaching team members to look after the best interests of all children under their care. She also works closely with the centre’s principal, the children, parents and fellow team members.


Paying it forward

“I wanted to become a teacher as I want to make a positive difference,” she explains. “I love to give young children the best start in life.”


She relates an incident that touched her greatly. While she was struggling to have lunch with an injured arm, one of her Nursery 1 charges approached and said: “Teacher Anna, I feed you. Your hand is painful.”


She says: “I was moved to tears because he showed me such care, concern and empathy at such a tender age. I instantly felt that all efforts put in to care for my students had not gone to waste. Such satisfaction makes me feel I can live up to my dreams of becoming a good teacher.”


She says that it is an indescribable and heart-warming experience to be able to watch the children grow from infancy and develop through different stages to become strong and happy kids.

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