WHEN Ms Ng Shu Ping was a pre-school teacher at EtonHouse Pre-School, she travelled the world with her young students — in the classroom.


They would embark on various projects to broaden their knowledge of the world, such as writing to a mountaineer to find out more about Mount Everest and interviewing pilots andflight crew to get more information about planes.


The 38-year-old says: “The children were always eager to share their discoveries and came up with such thoughtful questions.


“Through the projects, they developed literacy skills and explored mathematical and scientific concepts, making the learning so much more meaningful.”


Changing mindsets

“When I started teaching at Eton-House Pre-school, my dream was for every child in my care to know that they are valued for their unique strengths. I wanted them to always remember that someone believes in them,” says Ms Ng.


She was promoted to principal in 2008 and became director of pedagogy for E-Bridge Pre-Schools last year.


She says: “These days, I am busy changing the mindset of parents and trying to get them to see more than pre-school education as merely preparation for Primary 1.


“At pre-school, our educators are nurturing children’s disposition towards learning.


“We are empowering the children with problem-solving skills and teaching them to work collaboratively, while supporting the unique ways in which they express their thoughts and ideas.

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