SEVEN years as an infant educarer at Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS) Child Development Centre 1 have taught Ms Sa’idah Suhaimi, 25, an invaluable lesson in patience.


She says: “Patience is not easy when you are handling a group of toddlers who have different needs and are constantly in your face.


“But over the years, I have learnt different techniques and skills to manage these hyper kids.”


Perseverance pays off

At PPIS, Ms Sa’idah teaches one and two-year-old toddlers.


She remembers her first time dealing with a young special needs child. She was intent on making the child feel comfortable in the school environment.


With therapy and lots of love and support from the parents and PPIS teachers, the child learnt to communicate better and the outbursts gradually stopped.


Now, the child greets his teachers at school with smiles and hugs, and loves engaging them in conversation. He even makes them laugh with funny antics.


Says Ms Sa’idah: “This is the only child whom I allow to call me by my name, Ida. I hope it strengthens our bond and makes the child realise that school isn’t a scary place at all.


“It’s a joy to come to work to see smiling faces and adorable children coming up to greet and hug you. It takes away all the tiredness, makes me feel warm inside and puts a smile on my face each time.”

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