As auxiliary police officers, keeping the country safe is all in a day’s work for SGT (APF) Leong Sheng Howe and CPL (APF) Azuan Baharuddin. Since April, they have been deployed at the frontlines fighting Covid-19 alongside healthcare and other workers.

SGT (APF) Leong’s primary role is to educate the public on newly implemented safe distancing measures. He had been apprehensive about the role initially, but decided to take up the challenge and play his part to keep Singapore safe.

After all, a hunger for new experiences is what led the Murdoch University graduate to eschew a possible career in banking and finance to become an auxiliary police officer with Certis.

He explains, “Since being part of a unformed group member in secondary school, I’ve always enjoyed engaging people from various backgrounds, and to be able to be of service to the community. This Covid-19 operation role has enabled me to pick up new skills and enjoy new experiences.”

When he first joined the company in 2019, he was part of the Certis team managing crowd and traffic control at the National Day Parade. He shares: “It was an eye-opener as I would never have thought I’d have the opportunity to be part of a team to manage a crowd of over 10,000, to keep them safe and secure so they could enjoy the celebrations. I felt truly proud, and a great sense of achievement.”

Protecting their fellowman

Meanwhile, on another front, CPL (APF) Azuan deploys officers on assignments to issue Quarantine Orders (QO).

The father of two young boys admits he was afraid and apprehensive at first. But his perspective changed when his mother and wife pointed out how few enjoy the privilege to be at the front line. He says: “How can we win this war if Singaporeans are not willing to fight it? Their words of encouragement gave me confidence and pride.”

Medical staff and patients recognise his commitment and security efforts, and he feels great pride when conducting a mass discharge of patients – relating to their joy, relief and gratitude.

To those looking to build a similar career, SGT (APF) Leong advises “a passion and willingness to learn” while CPL (APF) Azuan says: “As part of the essential services industry, we remain unaffected even if the economy suffers. Security is the cornerstone of keeping Singapore safe and protecting our way of life.”