During an overseas learning experience programme in China sponsored by PCF Sparkletots in 2010, Ms Jane Chung saw how a preschool introduced arts and culture to their students at a young age through activities such as Chinese face mask painting and calligraphy.


She was inspired; when she returned home, she got her teachers to adopt some of these practices in their classes.


Ms Chung, who first joined PCF Sparkletots in 2002 as a part-time assistant teacher, was recently promoted to be an executive principal. She currently manages nine centres.


Although she has held various leadership positions since 2006, she believes in continual learning and growing as a leader.


“As a leader, it is essential to keep abreast of new research and studies to better guide centre leaders and staff in meeting the needs of the children,” she says.


Ms Chung, 44, also believes in empowering her teachers to raise their level of professionalism. At the same time, she actively tries to involve parents in the centres’ programmes and workshops.


“Studies have shown positive correlation in children’s development when their families are actively involved in their school life,” she says.


“I try to empower parents too, by sharing with them essential parenting skills to better support their children’s development.”


Nurturing the next group of leaders among her teachers is also important to her. She aims to help them hone their leadership skills, so that they can assume greater responsibilities to contribute to the organisation and community.


How does she keep her passion alive after being in the same sector for 17 years? Ms Chung says she has been given opportunities to develop herself professionally and personally. More importantly, knowing that she has made a difference in a child’s life motivates her to continue being an educator.


“The satisfaction I feel when I hear how the children under my care have progressed in school and life have kept my passion going,” she adds.