Ensuring staff feel secure in uncertain times

Home-grown tech company CrimsonLogic cares for its employees like family

In unpredictable times like the current Covid-19 pandemic, having an employer that looks out for its staff is vital. CrimsonLogic, and its subsidiary Global eTrade Services (GeTS) believe in taking care of their people in good times and in bad.

Ranked one of Singapore’s Best Employers this year in an inaugural study compiled by The Straits Times and global research firm Statista, the company says it has relied on its pillars of learn, lead, GetFit, reward, give, fun, engage, aspire, and inspire, dubbed ONE@CRIMSON, as a guiding principle to create the best possible working environment for its staff. The same set of values underpins the company’s efforts to go the extra mile where possible for its employees during tough times.

Agile and flexible

In early January, when there was still much confusion over the coronavirus situation, chief executive officer Saw Ken Wye took swift actions to protect staff while keeping operations running smoothly.

Soon after news of the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan broke, the company quickly implemented its business continuity plans such as emergency rehearsals in the event of an infection at the workplace and split-site operations. By the end of January, the preparations had put the company and its employees in good stead to handle a pandemic situation more confidently.

As a tech company, CrimsonLogic also understands the importance of constant connectivity and maintaining a degree of flexibility in its daily operations. At the Singapore headquarters, a majority of staff are equipped with laptops, and policies are already in place to cater to alternative work arrangements even before a pandemic hits.

As a company, your well-being is paramount. We need to make sure you, your family and your loved ones are safe, and feel safe.

The company needs close to 20 percent of its workforce to provide support to key essential operations and services to customers, such as data centre operations. These cannot be done from home. However, the flexibility of its daily operations enabled the company to move eight in 10 of its 500 employees in Singapore off-site within a week.

Globally, the 32-year-old company has offices in 19 countries and over 900 employees. It provides products and services in trade facilitation, eJudiciary and eGovernment solutions.

In a Facebook video to staff in March, Mr Saw said: “As a company, your well-being is paramount. We need to make sure you, your family and your loved ones are safe, and feel safe.” The company was also prompt in the procurement of essential supplies like masks, hand sanitisers and thermometers; these were packed into care packs that were distributed to staff worldwide.

Mr Saw also has an open-door policy for feedback — he frequently reaches out to staff personally to ensure their needs are met. New facilities and upgrades were added around the offices as a result of staff feedback. A team of people care managers reporting directly to him helps to create a family-like working environment and a culture of openness.

The ONE@CRIMSON ecosystem for people care. PHOTO: CRIMSONLOGIC
The ONE@CRIMSON ecosystem for people care. PHOTO: CRIMSONLOGIC

More training opportunities

CrimsonLogic operates on the premise that it is a big family and everyone has an opportunity to grow, personally and professionally. Employees are given the chance to constantly upgrade themselves. During this uncertain time, the company doubled its e-learning budget so that employees have more opportunities to upskill themselves with online courses on LinkedIn, Udemy and Coursera.

Assistant product manager Ho Jun Cheng was a product manager with an e-commerce marketplace before he joined the tech company’s subsidiary, GeTS. At GeTS, he was given the opportunity to venture into the areas of logistics, trade compliance and fintech.

“I’m excited to undertake new projects and to further develop new technologies and products for the trade industry.”

CrimsonLogic is also a firm believer in gender equality. In a predominantly male industry, Ms Akshatha S., a lead software engineer based in Bengaluru, India, appreciates what the company has done to help her advance her dream career in computer science.

“It is heartening to see our female colleagues growing both personally and professionally in CrimsonLogic,” she says. “We are not just developing our careers, but grooming future IT leaders of tomorrow.”

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