#10 Adecco Personnel

Adecco fosters a culture that motivates and inspires its employees. PHOTO: ADECCO

Innovation is in their DNA

Being able to get where they want in their careers motivates Adecco employees

A special culture that encourages initiative, empowers personal development and inspires continuous improvement — that’s the Adecco way.

This Swiss-based company is one of the winners in Singapore Best Workplaces 2018, a list curated annually by the Great Place to Work Institute Singapore.

With a Fortune 500 listing and 33,000 full-time employees globally, Adecco, which has 170 staff in Singapore, is the world’s leading human resource solutions partner.

Inspired on so many levels

Mr Mark Hall, Adecco’s country manager - Singapore attributes what makes Adecco attractive as a place to work to “employee DNA”.

“It’s a culture that makes our employees feel proud and inspired,” he says.

To do this, the company ensures its leaders are curious global citizens, who are keen to make a positive difference.

“With the freedom to innovate, they create opportunities to improve the lives of others around them, and thus bring our core values to life,” he says.

He feels that one of the strongest features of Adecco is that it offers all the training, tools, motivation and inspiration for employees to achieve exactly what they want from their careers. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s flexibility, international mobility or an enhanced work-life balance,” he says.

Happy employees

But when it comes to keeping his workforce happy, Mr Hall is wary of corporate slang.

“We have to use terms like ‘talent attraction’ and ‘retention rate’, but at the end of the day, employee satisfaction should also be measured by asking what it means to be inspired and happy,” he says.

He also believes that customer centricity lies at the heart of a truly engaged workforce.

“If you are customer centric to the clients, candidates and associates that we serve every day, then this also translates to the way colleagues interact with one another — and that means very happy employers,” he says.