#2 Royal Plaza on Scotts

People practices at Royal Plaza On Scotts are a direct result of employee feedback. PHOTO: ROYAL PLAZA ON SCOTTS

Service from the heart

Royal Plaza on Scotts prioritises employee satisfaction and happiness to improve experiences for guests

People come first at Royal Plaza on Scotts (RP).

The hotel’s employees, affectionately known as chief experience officers (CEOs), are empowered to inject personal touches in their work, resulting in guest experiences that do not feel scripted or cookie-cutter.

There is also no strict dress code, so the CEOs do not lose their personalities and styles at the workplace.

Mr Patrick Fiat, the hotel’s general manager and chief experience officer, says that as employees spend most of their time at the workplace, “we want to build an emotional connection and support system that can inspire our CEOs to be their best”.

He adds: “We see people as individuals and not tools to help the business achieve the bottom line.”

Secret recipe to success

Many of the hotel’s people practices are a direct result of employee feedback.

Employees’ thoughts and opinions are taken into consideration before any decision is made, which gives them a strong sense of ownership of RP’s practices.

This includes doing away with policies such as clocking in and out, as well as the submission of medical certificates.

Mr Fiat says: “We believe in tapping the knowledge and expertise of our CEOs. As they are the ones handling the operations on a daily basis, it makes sense to ask them what they need to make the workplace better.”

Clearly, the method works — RP boasts an admirably low turnover rate of 16 per cent, significantly below the industry average of 37 per cent.

Mr Fiat says that by creating an environment where the CEOs feel comfortable with speaking up, the hotel can adapt quickly and remain agile to changing market conditions.

“Through their daily interactions, our CEOs are the ones who know what our guests want,” he adds. “A hotel’s hardware can be easily replicated, but our heartware is our secret recipe for genuine experiences.”