#1 Royal Plaza on Scotts

At Royal Plaza on Scotts, listening is the key to keeping staff happy. PHOTO: ROYAL PLAZA ON SCOTTS

Making every experience count

Royal Plaza on Scotts values both guests and staff

When you step inside Royal Plaza on Scotts, you’ll see a couple of hundred CEOs who will make sure you get a memorable experience as a hotel guest.

The term CEO stands for Chief Experience Officers, a title adopted for all staff at Royal Plaza on Scotts. Mr Patrick Fiat, the hotel’s general manager, says: “Everyone plays a key role in delivering a great guest experience.”

The hotel’s management team believes in not just treating its guests, but also its employees well. If the staff are happy at work, then the guests they serve are also likely to be happy, he explains.

“As work becomes less traditional and many offices become virtual, we believe in having work-life integration rather than balance,” Mr Fiat says. “The main objective is to help our CEOs have a more holistic lifestyle and to minimise the possibility of burnout.”

To achieve this, Royal Plaza on Scotts puts in place employee-first programmes after receiving staff feedback. These include flexible working hours, birthday leave, having a lounge where CEOs can relax, and giving them an option to take additional time off for festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas.

Mr Fiat says: “The key is to be always listening and taking appropriate action. We have worked consistently on the employee feedback we received over the years. This has helped us gain trust with our CEOs, and as a result, they are open about giving us feedback.”

This year marks the fifth time that Royal Plaza on Scotts has been recognised by the Great Places To Work Institute, an organisation that awards companies that demonstrate positive workplace cultures.

Mr Fiat says the hotel’s turnover rate has been maintained at below 14 per cent for the past three years, which is lower than the industry average.

“A great organisational culture makes the company a great place to work in. To put it simply, we want our CEOs to look forward to coming to work,” he adds.